MOUNT TRACK These elastic crampons feature a stainless steel chain on the sole and a special, horseshoe-shaped, 14-point plate, made entirely of noble heat treated steel, providing an e?cient grip. Simply put them over your footwear and tighten them with a strap. The crampons are both discreet and comfortable. Storing is easy thanks to a convenient carrying case, equipped with a karabiner and a belt attachment. MOUNT TRACK crampons are designed for use on snowy and icy terrain by more demanding hikers and mountaineers



11 x 15mm hardened steel teeth under each foot, for assured grip, even on glare ice
Robust elastic harness holds Mount Track firmly onto your boots
Strong stainless steel chain connects the teeth assemblies to the elastic harness
Removeable powder strap provides additional fit over the bridge of the boot when walking in deep snow
Strong nylon stuff sack with drawstring close, to stow your Veriga Mount Track - keeps your pack dry and clean

Light grey harness blends with most boots and Veriga Mount Track can be used by both men and women
Quick and easy to put on and take off