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68,99 $
TRAIL CRAMPON The Hillsound Trail Crampon is a necessity for added traction when out hiking on the local trails or deep in the backcountry. Tested on the trails of the Himalaya, the Hillsound Trail Crampon is guaranteed to handle diverse winter terrain and weather conditions. Utilizing an ergonomic plate system, this crampon provides excellent traction and reduces muscular fatigue for your winter wilderness pursuits.



The ergonomic plate system affords stability to the device, keeping the spikes at the outside of the sole and preventing them from shifting during movement.
Perfect for backpacking and winter and shoulder season hiking.
Aggressive traction gives secure footing in the snow and reduces muscular fatigue during your winter wilderness pursuits.
The 1.5 cm (2/3") spikes dig into ice, glare ice and hard-pack snow with ease.
Elastomer harness is easy to put on and take off, retains pliability to sub-freezing temperatures and fits most footwear.
The rip and stick strap over the top of the foot increases the stability of the device and reduces movement in deeper snow.
Fully tempered stainless steel chains are double linked and designed to withstand torque and friction.
Lightweight and packable.